Our Services

All candidates are matched to service requirements based on skills and experience. This will ensure a positive and quality outcome for both the client and customer satisfaction. Youth and Adult Support Services can be provided to any hospital, organisation, trust, agency or school.

Mental Health Assistants (MHA)

Staff will support clients identified as having high and complex needs in relation to their mental illness. Staff will work towards the client’s recovery plan and provide support and safety to clients experiencing Mental Illness.

Community Support Workers (CSW)

Staff will provide support and care to clients in home environment to integrate back into the community, promote independence and give morale support to achieve tasks.

Mentors and Behaviour Support Workers (BSW)

This service is for Youth with the need for positive role models to inspire, listen, observe and support them to make life changing decisions.

Life Skills Coaches

This service aims to assist clients to make the transition to independence. We offer mentoring and support to the client teaching basic home skills, preparation to higher education, job placement and awareness to support services in the community.


1:1 Supervision of Youth and Adults who are nominated by the agency as having potential high risk to abscond, re-offend, violent behaviour and/or suicidal/ self-harm.


All escorting services require 2:1 staff ratio.

Local: Escorting client by vehicle from designated location to another and return.

National: Escorting client by airplane of vehicle to locations within New Zealand.


This provision is for transporting clients to counselling, school and other services on a one off or a regular basis.

Relief Youth Workers

A support service to organisations that find themselves short staffed and require the services of a relief worker on a casual basis or short term contract to cover annual leave.

"Whakaorangia, Whakakahangia, Whakatupu" "Heal, Strengthen and Grow"